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Michelle Dunn


Classical * Jazz * Rock * World



Music, my soul;  flute, my voice in this world.


Michelle Dunn has been a classical flutist for 30 years. After only a decade in the world of classical flute she had the privilege of being included in the premiere performance for a live, international radio broadcast commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Voice of America. The concert was heard by nearly 130 million people, simultaneously, around the world. 

After what seemed the pinnacle of her classical career Michelle decided to diversify her musical talents and now a classically trained multi-genre flutist/composer, fluent in the areas of classical, rock, jazz, R&B, gospel, folk, and world music. Utilizing both metal and wood flutes, with an array of digital sounds and extended techniques, her fusion of diverse musical styles culminate in a rich electroacoustic sound that has gained popularity in both the classical and non-classical music worlds.


Michelle's talents personify the term "multi-faceted" and carry her far beyond the boundaries of typical flutist, performer, musician. She is the founder and executor of her own record label, production company, and publishing company. In addition to being a self-produced indie artist, Michelle is also her own recording engineer and records almost exclusively on her "iZZatcho Music" label. 

A professional videographer, with a "brilliant" eye and intuition for detail and content, Michelle films and edits most of her own music videos, as well as producing a host of video projects for others, including the Wildacres Flute Retreat and Raleigh Area Flute Association.


Michelle is a certified audio engineer via Recording, Radio, Film Connection and CASA Schools - Los Angeles. She mentors with Grammy Award winning engineer Steve Bigas at Porcelain Records and works under the management of Emmy Award winning engineer Tim Word (aka Sonny King) at Lune Spark Center for Creativity.


Her years as a professional audiovisual technician and multimedia presentation specialist yields her the ability to create both subtle and spectacular digitally programmed media and lighting effects for her more elaborate stage performances. 

Putting her graphic design skills to work, as well as her sense of humor, Michelle has created a line of "iZZatcho flute stuff," which consists of posters, apparel, and accessories that feature her custom graphics of "living" flutes, piccolos, and flute choirs.


Popular designs just for flutists!

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Personal and contracted projects.

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All Videos

All Videos
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Awakening CD trailer

Awakening CD trailer

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Wildacres Flute Retreat

Wildacres Flute Retreat

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Original Compositions

Christmas and Winter albums currently in progress.
Special project (album):  "Home of Heart"
Awakening release.jpg


Released: January 2014

Genre: World

Awards: Global Music Awards

               Silver Medal: "Album"

               Bronze Medal: "Sound Editing/Mixing"



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