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Released: January 2014

Genre: World

Awards: Global Music Awards

             Silver Medal: "Album"

             Bronze Medal: "Sound Editing/Mixing"

Awakening, the new release by multi-genre flutist Michelle Dunn, is a culmination of traditional folk, contemporary classical, and pop/mainstream flutes and techniques. This project is a pathway to the integration of indigenous/world flutes, with all but one song using at least two types of flutes. Some have referred to this CD as "a fine example of world flutes orchestrations," with some songs having five or more types of flutes playing simultaneously, in harmony. Flutes on the Awaking CD include (in various keys/tunings): 6-hole Native American style, fifes, bansuri, whistles, recorders, multiple rim-blowns (Anasazi, Akebono, Desert, Shakuhachi), and the Western concert flute. Whether singing along with the melodies or dancing to the rhythms, listeners are sure to enjoy the flute tapestries of this CD.

Available via iTunes, AppleMusic, AmazonMusic, Spotify, Pandora



         Michelle Dunn: Composer, Performer, Producer, Recording Engineer, Graphics Design

         Label: iZZatcho music

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